Lentil Recipes.
55 recipes.
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American Indian Stew
Barley and Lentils
Bean Pot Lentils
Canadian Bacon Soup
Corn and Lentil Soup
Cream of Lentil Soup
Curried Lentil Soup
Curried Sweet Potato and Lentil Stew
Curry spiced Lentils and Spinach
Dhal - (Spiced Lentils)
Egyptian Rice and Lentils
Faki (Hellenic Lentil Soup)
Greek Lentil Soup
Ham and Lentil Soup
Ham and Lentil Soup
Hearty Lentil Soup
Hearty Lentil Soup
Hearty Lentil Soup
Italian Chicken Lentil Soup
Italian Lentil and Vegetable Stew
Italian Sausage and Lentil Soup
Kielbasa Stew
Lamb and Red Lentil Soup
Lentil and Cod Chowder
Lentil and Mixed Vegetable Casserole
Lentil Casserole
Lentil Curry
Lentil Curry
Lentil Curry with Squash and Cashews
Lentil Kale Soup
Lentil Mushroom Soup
Lentil Rice Casserole
Lentil Soup
Lentil Soup
Lentil Soup
Lentil Soup
Lentil Soup
Lentil Soup Crescenti Style
Lentil Soup with Knackwurst
Lentil Soup with Sausage
Lentil Tomato Stew
Lentil Tortellini Soup
Lentil Vegetable Stew
Lentils and Eggplant with Brown Rice
Lentils and Sausage
Lentils with Garlic and Rosemary
Low Fat Meatless Chili
Pasta with Lentils and Chard
Picante Lentil Sauce
Quick Beef and Lentil Tacos
Red Lentil Soup
Savory Lentil and Canadian Bacon Soup
Smoked Sausage and Lentils
Spiced Lentils in Pitas
Wonderful Lentils