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  Baked Beans and Sausages
Baked Black Beans and Sausage
Barbecue Kielbasi
Bavarian Dinner
Bean Sausage Casserole
Beef Slow Cooker
Beer Steamed Sausages
Bratwurst Medallions in Four Season Sauce
Bratwurst With Apple Kraut
Brunch Casserole
Butter Bean and Sausage Hot Pot
Cabbage and Bratwurst
Cabbage Dinner
Cabbage Roll Casserole
Cajun Sausage and Rice
Cajun Sausage Soup
Chili and Rice
Chunky Sausage Chili
Cocktail Kielbasa
Easiest Ever Kielbasa
Festival Sausage
Fiesta Rice and Sausage
Five Bean Casserole
Five Star Spaghetti
Girl Scout Dinner
Glazed Cocktail Sausages
Glazed Sausage Striped Meatloaf
Hawaiian Sausage and Beans
Hominy and Beef Sausage Chili
Hot Sausage and Cheese Dip
Keilbasa Stew
Kielbasa and Kraut
Kielbasa and Napa Cabbage
Kielbasa and Potato
Kielbasa cabbage and potatoes
Kielbasa In Spaghetti Sauce
Kielbasa with Cabbage
Knackwurst Casserole
Knockwurst and Cabbage
Knockwurst in Beer/wine with Kraut
Knockwurst with Hot German Potato Salad
Low Fat Sausages and Apples
Melt-in-Your-Mouth Sausages
Melt-In-Your-Mouth Sausages
Milwaukee Supper
Oktoberfest Knockwurst
Oktoberfest Sausage Dinner
Old World Sauerkraut Supper
Open Faced Pizza Joes
Oriental Smokies
Party Dish
Pineapple Sausage and Bean Meal
Pineapple Sausage and Beans
Pizza In A Pot
Polish Hot Pot
Polish Sausage and Cabbage
Polish Sausage and Cabbage
Potato and Sausage Casserole
Potato Casserole
Sauce For Sausage
Sauerkraut and Polish Sausage
Sauerkraut and Sausage
Sauerkraut and Smoked Sausage
Sauerkraut Dinner
Sausage and Beans with Potatoes
Sausage and Cabbage
Sausage and Cabbage Potpie
Sausage and Cheese Casserole
Sausage and Chicken Stew
Sausage and Egg Casserole
Sausage and Egg Casserole
Sausage and Kidney Bean Stew
Sausage and Kidney Bean Stew
Sausage and Kraut
Sausage and Pineapple Tidbits
Sausage and Potato Stew
Sausage and Potatoes
Sausage and Potatoes
Sausage and Sauerkraut Dinner
Sausage and Scalloped Potatoes
Sausage and Tortellini Soup
Sausage Bake
Sausage Bean Quickie
Sausage Dinner
Sausage In Beer Mustard Sauce
Sausage Kraut and Apples
Sausage Peppers and Potatoes
Sausage Potato Bake
Sausage Sauerkraut Supper
Sausage-stuffed Yams
Scalloped Potato and Sausage Supper