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Waterless Pot Roast

3 lb TO 4 lb pot roast (chuck, brisket, bottom round, whatever)
1 lg Onion, thinly sliced
1 pk Dehydrated onion soup mix
Optional -- carrots cut into 2-3 inch lengths, small potatoes, peeled and cut in half)

If using potatoes and carrots, place them in the bottom of a slow cooker.

Cover with a layer of half the sliced onions.

Rub one side of the pot roast well with half of the onion soup mixture. Place, soup-rubbed side down, on the onions. Sprinkle the remaining soup mix over the roast, cover with the remaining onions, and cover.

Cook on lowest possible heat for 8-10 hours. DO NOT peek. DO NOT add water or other liquid. Trust me. It's gonna work.

Before serving, fish out the roast, potatoes and carrots (if used). Keep warm.

Skim the fat off the juice. Either serve the juice as is, to be poured over everything, or pour it into a shallow pan, thicken with a couple of teaspoons of cornstarch, dissolved in cold water. Cook the cornstarch/juice mixture until clear. Season to taste with ground pepper (it will not need any salt).

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