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Garden Pasta Soup

3 Carrots -- 1/4" sl
1 Medium Zucchini; halve -- 1/4" sl
1 Garlic Clove -- mince
1 15 Ounce Ca chick peas; drain -- rinse
1 28 Ounce Ca whole tomatoes -- cut up
2 Tablespoons Parsley -- mince
1/2 Teaspoon Salt
1/4 Teaspoon Pepper
5 Cups Water
3/4 Cup Garden-variety rotini

Place all ingredients, except pasta, in slow cooker. Cover and cook at setting #3 (LOW) for 7 to 9 hours or at setting #5 (HIGH) for 3 to 4 hours, until veggies are tender.

Stir in pasta and cook at HIGH for 30 minutes or until done.

Reduce heat to setting #2 (LOW) for serving.

Some general comments about this recipe:

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