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Barbecued Wings

5 lb Chicken wings
1 lg Bottle barbecue sauce; your choice
1 Sticks butter (up to 2)
Cayenne; to taste AND/OR Tabasco sauce; to taste
Oil; for deep frying

METHOD 1 - CRISPY WINGS: Deep fry in 375 degree oil until skin is crisp (about 7-8 minutes). While wings are cooking put 1 large bottle of barbecue sauce in a sauce pan with 1 or 2 sticks of butter. Heat over low heat until just simmering. Add cayenne and/or Tabasco Sauce to taste. Remove wings and dry on paper towels. Put wings in the sauce, cover completely, drain slightly and place on serving platter. If you're fixing them for the Little League, skip the hot stuff; if they're for the Pro Bowl, *HEAT* em up!!

EASIER METHOD - SOFT TENDER WINGS: If you don't like to deep fry and like tender, rather than crispy wings, then combine everything in a baking dish or large casserole or in the slow cooker and bake the wings for a loooonnnggg time. I think the secret to getting the sauce thick and gooey is baking the wings (uncovered) in the sauce at a low temp (around 300 degrees) for a couple of hours. ALSO, don't add too much cayenne or Tabasco until the very end, otherwise, it seems that they just get spicier and spicier! The first method will get you crispy wings, the second method, melt-in-your-mouth-tender wings.

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